Friday, 22 June 2012


It's really exciting to see film makers put in  so much effort to measure up with the International standards of Filming. I have always admired the quality of films that come out of the Royal Art Academy Production Company. This time it's the conclusive shoot of the film MRS SOMEBODY.

The shoot for this particular scene took place @ Lekki Phase 1, V.I lagos. It was by the pool side of this lovely Guest House, a beautiful sight to behold.
Emem Isong who is currently the head of the Production Company had her sister Uduka Isong Oguamanam as co-producer for this film, It was another  direction from actor/director Desmond Elliot and Tom Robson a graduate of The Jos Film Institute who also doubled as the Director of Photography.

The film which is being shot for the third time, starred the likes of  Yemi Blaq, Uche Jombo, Lilian Byoma, Bobby Ogbodo,Tamara and other sterling acts.

Mrs Somebody is a comedy film about a young lady kayira who was desperate to get married. Unfortunately, almost every man she dated got turned off by her desperate measures and dumped her,but kayira would not relent in her effort to become MRS SOMEBODY, would she succeed?

The pool scene turned out quite interesting that I can barely wait to see the whole story. Uche Jombo, Bobby Ogbodo and Lilian Byoma played  out captivating lines on relationship, love & breakup, and Tom who seems to be very detailed on his angles and shots used the Canon 5D mac 2 to achieve his pictures. Now, this is the part were I do not envy the actors, the drilling under the blazing sunlight? Like seriously? well, I also met with Frank who is a sound engineer, right on the set is his sound mixer, a wireless mic and a boom mic. The costume designer is also a gospel artiste Angel, she costumed  the 5 lead actors in the film. I would say it wasn't an easy task for the young Production Manager, Okenwa but he pulled it through and its a wrap... Really looking forward to seeing the final product myself.
Keep an eye on this spot for more details on MRS SOMEBODY.....

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