After the success of Elvis Chuks' "Victims of the Society" and "True Citizens" the actor cum director is set for another film which promises to be a block buster titled "PLAYING SAFE".

"Playing Safe", a film shot in Nigeria and Ghana, tells the story of love and relationship with ladies who are trying to play safe. A rich man's daughter Nana, played by Ghana's Martha Ankomah, wasn't really sure of who loves her for who she is, tries to play safe. An ordinary girl Vivian, played by Ini Edo, who wants true love but isn't sure if it is forth-coming, hoping for a proposal that never came, took a second man only to her surprise that these two guys are friends staying together Femi and Emeka, played by Steel and Smart Maxwell. Ene played by Tonto Dike, a girl who wants a good job had an affair with her boss Jide, played by Alex Anyalogu, and keeping an Alhaji who brings the money Alhaji Sambo, played by Jibola Dabo and hoping to marry this little boy whom she truly loves Henry played by Christopher Okagbue, is playing safe. Directed and produced by Elvis Chuks.

Present on set is Nollywood's finest actor/producer Ini Edo Ehiagwina, she shared her experiences on the set with us. "Am just trying to interpret the role that is not me in the best convincing way that I can, trying to understand what my character is like, mental state, emotional and reasons why she does the things she does, that way it helps me assume that role, and concerning the director, Elvis is an amazing actor now a director he's a young man who is playful, I mean am all about play, for me that's  my no 1 catch and he knows what he wants... almost a perfectionist, he's very concerned about quality which is what I always advocate for".
Hip Hop singer Abby Abuede a.k.a Steel,who said that this will be his first  English film. "my character Femi happens to be one of Vivian's victims and she was actually dating two close friends, trying to have a plan B and I was the plan B"

Am playing the character of Ene says Tonto Dike,"she is a girl who is caught in- between life experiences, she is a decent girl who holds a decent job  but she is just entangled with life as a girl, she is just trying to leave up to living the right life, probably she feels her job can not give her the right money, so she goes into different men because she believes  she has a very stable young man whom she loves. Its just a battle of love and what she wants to do if she wants to live life but at the end she tries to make amends. You can't eat your cake and have it. This is my first time working with Elvis Chuks, I didn't expect to see half of the things I saw on this set, am really impressed technically".

Christopher Okagube (the Ultimate Man season 8), playing Henry describes his character as a struggling young man engaged with the character of  Ene.''it was quite challenging for me to fit into a character which is more like a parasite its totally different from who I am in real lif, when you see the character Henry I want u to identify with his struggles and realise that its not really easy to be a man. Don't be deceived by girls because they are very deceitful  some of them are real but most of them aren't. Just be careful and girls please love for real be there for your man".

The set which has over 20 cast also starred the likes of Kendra Okwara, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, Ifeanyi Williams and more. The crew includes Gboyega Ogunlade, Wale Adediran and Ugochukwu Ohajia as Directors of Photography operating the multiple  of the canon-7D camera. Seun-B as continuity man, Israel moses as the make- up artiste , Iya baraka as costumier, Muhammad musliu as sound-man working with the zoom sound recorder, Uche Ajunwa as the Lights man and finally the man who coordinated the whole activities of the production Simony O west as  The Production Manager